On the Move

Hey there Overwhelmed Moms,

Exciting news!  I am moving on Independence Day.

After all the updating on our home (tile, painting, wall coverings (they are not longer called curtains) carpet with new furniture and fixtures) I decided to update my blog and business.

I will be adding a few things to step up my business and the look.  As I grow I want to be able to expand what I offer to Overwhelmed Moms all over the world (shout out to the London Flower Lover).

I have so many great things coming up and I don’t want to you miss out.

I will keep you abreast of everything but just wanted you to know, “somethings coming, I do know what it is and it is gonna be GREAT!” (variation on my theme song from West Side Story see May 15th blog).

Happy moving!







Tell her you love her

At a recent MNO (Moms Night Out) one of our friends was missing.  Her husband was not able to make it home and it was to late to ask a sitter.  We got to asking about her and what was going on with her* and tried to remember what age she was at her last birthday.

I thought it was her 40th but others disagreed.  Anyway to make a long story short, we missed our friends 40th and did not celebrate her at all.  This really bugged me and I decided to do something about it.

Talking with another mom from MNO I came up with an idea that all could participate in.  I called it “The Top 10 Reasons you love Joanie”.  My friend Joanie has this amazing ability to make everyone feel welcome in her home and heart.  She is a very very giving person and considering it’s her big 40th birthday I decided that I would get as many as possible to celebrate her.

“The Top Ten Reasons you love Joanie” came pouring in in all forms.  Our resident atheist did a WWJD  (What Would Joanie Do) versus WWAD (What Would Amber Do) that almost made me pee my pants reading it.  Joanies siblings had wonderful memories of their little sister and her in-laws only had the nicest things to compliment what an amazing person, mom and friend to them she has been.

We get to present her with these top ten lists tonight and I can hardly wait!  I am so excited to celebrate my friend with friends.  Her husband is taking her out and I am going to “babysit”/decorate for the party at her home.

As I was reading all the lists from friends and family I realized that I want to be able to do this not only for my friend but for all the women in my life, friends and relatives alike.  How would you feel if you got a “Top Ten things I love about you list” in a card or your email?  I know I would LOVE it!

So here is your/our assignment.  Write to at least two people the top ten reasons you love them so much.  Yes it is totally random and that is why it is a brilliant idea!

Hey maybe we will even start a trend.



*We have a strict rule that we do not gossip about the person who is not at MNO because they are not there to defend themselves.  Plus it is much more fun to keep the focus on those present.


Girl Talk

I was having coffee with two very good friends and after we all gave our updates we switched to what insights we have gained lately as a result of whatever challenge we are currently facing.  I said I was having a challenge dealing with a child who went from being the responsible one to being the whining victim child.  This child blames everything on someone else and accepts no responsibility for her own actions or reactions.

My friend chimed in and said, “I am learning that lesson too.  I am realizing that when I resent someone I am setting myself up for being a victim”.  My other friend and I looked at her and absorbed that for a moment.  Oh my goodness that seems so obvious doesn’t it!

We have all heard the saying that, ‘if you resent someone, it’s like taking poison and expecting the other person to die’ so of course victimhood fits right in with that.  If I resent you for an action you have taken then I am a victim to your action.  I have no choice when I resent but to succumb to playing the victim role.

Today I want to be a big girl so I get to be in acceptance of life on life’s terms.  When I put on my big girl panties I get to be responsible for who I am in the world and adjust my attitude and maturity levels accordingly.  Hard work but the alternative is blaming and I do not want to even visit that land anymore.

My challenge now is to relay this informational insight to an eight year old.   But I am  taking a look at my own reactions and victimhood, however slight (ie., blaming the store for such high prices, people who don’t drive right, “why did she….”) for starters.  I dont know about you but its the little stuff that trips up my growth/flow the most.  The nagging voice in my head that blames someone else and says I know a better way.

For today I will let it all go and trust that God/the Universe has a divine plan for my daughter and me in this area.

I will keep you posted.

What informational insight do you have about yourself that you learned from your kid?

Unreliable intellect

We should not pretend to understand the world only by the intellect;

we apprehend it just as much by feeling. Therefore, the judgment of

the intellect is, at best, only the half of truth, and must, if it be honest,

also come to an understanding of its inadequacy.


— Carl Jung

This is so Yin/Yang.  We need balance of the intellect and intuition.  So much of what I was taught growing up told me to just “Think it out” and that has made me neglect my feelings, intuition and trust in my inner voice.

I do not blame those that taught me this, it’s just my turn to teach something different.

What do you need to teach differently?

“Cease trying to work everything out in your life with your minds.

It will get you nowhere.

Live by intuition and inspiration, and let your whole life be lived by revelation”

H. Emilie Cady, “Lessons In Truth”


Oh my goodness I LOVE THIS!  This says that I can actually trust myself and my intuition.  If I trust the universe then there really is no wrong move, just lessons.  I get to take one delicious moment at a time.  AWESOME!

How are you going to trust your intuition today?

Divorce the Dollar Store

Thats right I said it!  Divorce the Dollar store!

Stop selling yourself short.  You have gifts and talents and visions that only you can share with the world.  And when I say world I mean WORLD because we all know that when you change yourself you cannot help but change the people around you and they in turn help people and so on and so on.  So yeah THE WORLD.

So divorce yourself from the dollar store mentality of hoarding lots of little attitudes, gossip  and resentment  and graduate to the WORLD STORE where you are already a citizen you just need to activate your passport by showing up with your clear purpose and talent to share with the world.

Take on the challenge of shopping at the WORLD STORE by using your voice and start a blog, sing out loud when people are looking, dance with yourself and your kids, laugh loudly, wear colors that shock you, eat juicy delicious meals that you take the time to prepare yourself and answer the call to meditate.  You get such great quality when you shop the WORLD STORE.

Now is the time to “Get up, get up and do somethin”.

How are you going to shop at the WORLD STORE?

Smack down

Well I just got told!

As you all know I am starting my new business of helping moms see their overwhelm as their opportunity to see what their true calling is in life.  As an assignment I emailed two women whose businesses I admired.

One was Vidette V.  She is a SAHM (stay at home mom) who runs an amazing business to help other moms get their businesses started.  She is upbeat and has loads of YouTube videos telling her story.  She replied via email right away and answered all my questions.  I was stoked and so happy she was so generous with her answers and speedy reply.

The other was Dyana Valentine.  She responded after I sent her an email apologizing that I cut and pasted the same questions that I sent to Vidette V..  The question in question was, “4. Are you able to be mobile as a mom (be at school stuff for your kids, have a family life) or does your work make it a balancing act?”

Well I knew good and well that although Dyana has lots of kids in her life she does not have children living with her.  I apologized and said I goofed.  Later on yesterday she said that she was open to talking on Skype and I was floored!

I planned all night on what questions I was going to ask her, ‘What is your biz model?, How did it evolve? What do you charge for and what dont you charge for?  How did you know this is what you were supposed to do?  How did it evolve?”

Well I got all skype ready and she blew me AWAY!  She didnt answer any of my questions (I didnt have time she dived right in).  She asked, ‘who are you?, what do you want a business for?’ etc, etc, etc for 30 mins)  It is kind of a clear blur.  Clear that what she was asking me is if I am really ready just start doing it and blurry because of how she challenged me.

This is a complete gift.  She told me stuff I already knew but was afraid to do because I am VERY attached to looking good and doing things the ‘right’ way.

Anyway my friends, “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!”



Changed Attitudes

After doing one of my first exercises in B-school I noticed that the woman I thought I was going to work with (my passion for service is teaching that your overwhelm is actually your calling, calling you to wake up and notice it so that you can give your gift to the world) is actually very different than I originally thought.

I love it when I learn something new.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not always graceful and accepting of the responsibility that each lesson brings but my mantra is “okay God, I know you have a plan here and I will trust you, help me be in this moment and not figure out the future and how you are going to quickly fix this in my favor”.

I work daily on surrendering to what I am called to be and do because I can get in the way with my wants and mess things up.

So my questions for the day are:

How have you stepped up your responsibility to move and take action on your calling in life?

Do you know what your calling is?  Just take a guess.

Chchchch Changes

Here are a few changes that are going on with my new biz venture:

Started B-School!  Yipppeeee for me!  If you have your own business and want to take it to the next (or like me start it off right) level then Marie Forleo is your girl.  The exercises are pulling me in ways that are challenging me and I am very grateful.  I cannot wait to see what happens.

Changed what the site looks like and getting educated on going from .com on wordpress to .org (just found out there is a difference) so look for the developments in the weeks to come.

Getting our home redecorated (painting, window coverings, carpet, tile, furniture and accessories).  We decided to build a foundation and roots instead of “getting stuff on sale” and making it look good.  And as a bonus we are learning how to communicate better with each other (No, I don’t like that, why do you like this?  You are crazy that color is SO boring).  If you want to build your marriage do a remodel project and involve loads of people to do the work and just see what unfolds.  ; )

What does that have to do with my biz venture you ask?  Well I wanted to have a home that felt and looked like all the “spiritual stuff” I believe in.  In other words “act like you know”.  (I know terrible slang but hey that’s me)

I am embracing change today and wanted to know how you are embracing change for you today.







Well I have a new look and I have explored fear last week and now moving into B-School

What is Fear?

Love is always creative, fear always destructive.  

— Emmett Fox

What is FEAR.  I have heard it broken down into:

F – False

E – Evidence

A – Appearing

R – Real

I love to create but get cooped up in the judging of “what they will think”.  Intimacy requires going past fear.  Yet I stumble on this quite often.  I have decided to embrace the fear and creatively love it.

How do you stumble with fear?